Inspired in Chiang Rai

Satree Phuket School’s International Program Cambridge (IPC) recently headed north to Chiang Rai near the Thai-Myanmar border for their annual Outside Classroom Learning (OCL) event.

Formally known as Week Without Walls, this year’s event featured several full days of engaging learning activities which students will remember for years to come.

After flying to Chiang Rai and traveling just a bit farther north to the Maesai district, students and staff spent a full day at one of Satree Phuket's sister HUB schools, Maesaiprasitsart School. Following a delightful welcoming ceremony by the host school, those in attendance heard inspirational opening remarks by Directors from both schools.

Student representatives from Maesaiprasitsart and Satree Phuket continued the morning’s events by taking turns sharing information about their schools’ programs, the Multilingual Program and the Cambridge Program respectively.

Next, students went on a guided tour of Maesaiprasitsart’s campus and each student was then partnered with a new buddy from the other school. Together, each new student pair worked as a team and participated in may challenging learning activities. In addition, all students had an opportunity to learn and create their very own traditional Northern Thailand handicraft called tung lanna.

The day was capped off with a welcome dinner party and student talent show at Maesaiprasitsart School and students from both schools showcased many of their singing and dancing abilities for the dinner guests.

In the days that followed, Satree IPC students were educated on how paper mulberry (saa) is made by hand at Jinnaluck Learning Center and even hand crafted a notebook of their own.

The group also visited Sankong Community Center to bond with and learn embroidery skills from elderly Hill Tribe women, and also helped prepare delicious Northern Thailand foods and desserts under the supervision of our community center hosts.

The week’s learning activities wrapped up with a visit to Doy Din Dang Pottery Studio where students learned firsthand about the entire process of making pottery, especially how an experienced potter brings a lump of clay to life on a pottery wheel through the art of throwing clay.

A trip to Chiang Rai would not be complete without a visit to Wat Rong Khun, so before heading back to Phuket the group had a chance to explore the temple grounds. Students and staff alike were amazed by the intricate beauty which Chiang Rai artist Chalermchai Kositpipat has created over the years at the site.

Throughout the duration of the trip students were required to keep a daily learning journal to reflect on what they experienced each day. In addition, all 35 of the IPC students were split evenly among seven teams and every evening they worked together to create a video presentation about a specific part of the adventures in Chiang Rai.

Students will be sharing their creative videos and talking about their experiences with Satree IPC’s staff, student body and parents in an upcoming event at the school.

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